Fate 1 & 2 (set) – 37 & 60 cm high

This artwork is currently available at Dutch luxury design in Buren. / Dit kunstwerk is momenteel beschikbaar bij Dutch luxury design in Buren.

This idea emerged as I had a wooden panel that I had sawn an ugly chunk out of that I needed for something else. I actually put it in the garbage… But luckily an idea crossed my mind just in time… So I re-shaped the panel and made it into something (I think) is very pretty. As I finished the piece I decided she would get a bigger sister. And so ‘Fate 2′ was born. They are beautifully ninished with crystal clear resin and a modern aluminium rim. The lines reflect the light so they are different from every angle. The small piece is actually 1 cm thicker than the big piece, for an extra playful effect. A truely unique and beautiful design artwork for your wall at home or office.

Your fate could be a straight line, you could be walking a golden path, with someone golden walking next to you… You could be at a crossroads, going in circles or making a U-turn. There is so much in these pieces eventhough they’re so minimalistic. Who would have thought something ready for garbage could become so beautiful. Lesson: Don’t throw out anything too soon.

Price on request.

Marlies Geldof

Marlies Geldof

Mijn naam is Marlies Geldof. Ik maak verschillende vormen van kunst zoals dotart, portretten en acrylic pouring. Gevestigd in Rotterdam.